Fingers crossed behind back for luck.

Twins again? What are the chances?

If you have already had a set of natural fraternal twins or multiples, then your chances of having another set of fraternal twins or multiples has greatly increased!

Kids playing.

Are more people having twins now days?

Recently it seems that everywhere I look, I see twins. At church, school, the park and even on television -- twins are everywhere!

Twin-to-Twin (TTTS) Transfusion Syndrome

Twin-to-Twin (TTTS) Transfusion Syndrome: Answers from an expert

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) is a common yet serious concern for identical twin pregnancies as it endangers the well being of both babies.

Baby shoes on a pregnant belly.

When should your babies start wearing shoes?

Would you believe that this little topic is actually quite controversial?

Wooden desks in a classroom.

Pros and cons of placing twins in the same class

Should you or shouldn't you place your school-aged twins in the same classroom? It's a question that has sparked some pretty heated debates among parents and school legislators.

Twin infants sleeping.

Twin infants, sleep and you

As is most often the case, something that is hard with a single infant can seem doubly hard with twins or multiples.


Staying sane with twin toddlers

So the twins are in full fledged cruising mode, romping around the house, getting into everything and all you want to do is maintain some sort of normalcy in your daily life.

Toddler reading the newspaper while potty training.

Potty training twins: A parenting challenge

There is nothing like the challenge of keeping up a constant supply of diapers or pull ups to motivate parents to start potty training twins.

Preschool aged children raising their hands in a classroom.

Choosing a preschool for twins

Congratulations, you are ready to make the next big step in your journey as a parent of multiples -- preschool.

A roll off dollar bills.

Saving for college times two

Did you know that college costs this year (2007-08) are up an average of 6.5 percent over last year?